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Competent Service Around Plant Engineering

Apart from the outstanding product developments, the Julius MONTZ GmbH portfolio also encompasses complete engineering services related to separation technologies.  This assures an exact planning and a comprehensive professional execution. 

In addition to process simulations using software tools incl. HYSYS, Aspen Plus, Aspen Custom Modeler (Aspentech) for concept design and column design, MONTZ also offers complementing engineering services.

The following presents an overview of Montz Engineering–Services.

Component Engineering

  • Process calculations with simulation software HYSYS, Aspen Plus, Aspen Custom Modeler (Aspentech)
  • Design and construction of columns, falling film evaporators and heat exchangers
  • Calculation and dimensioning of absorption beds, condensation beds and their components
  • Calculation, design, construction and manufacturing of pilot columns and their periphery

  • Analysis and design of commercial columns and their components (scale – up) based on test results

  • Process analysis for improvement and energy optimization of plants or plant components

  • Consulting, design and construction of dividing wall columns and their peripherical systems

  • Execution support: Procurement, quality assurance and manufacturing of columns, column internals, falling film evaporators and heat exchangers 

Basic Engineering / Revamps

Results are typically collected in the following documents:   

  • Process flow diagrams (PFD)

  • Mass and energy balances

  • Consumption lists for e.g. cooling water, steam and other resources

  • Electrical consumer lists (preliminary estimate for individual consumers)

  • Medium lists

  • Equipment lists for main components such as columns, heat exchangers and pumps

  • Apparatus specifications / master drawings

  • Piping lists for main product lines incl. pipe dimensions and insulation thicknesses

  • Instrument lists for main control circuits and measurements

  • Erection plans

  • Process descriptions and control concept

Based on many years of experiences and successful realization of numerous process and column optimizations, MONTZ offers further services particularly for “Revamp“ projects:

  • Hydraulic testing for capacity or efficiency improvements taking different column interals and their variations into account

  • Sensitivity analysis (e.g. energy saving potential with respect to process layout or capacity increases)

  • Chemical engineering feasibility studies for plant upgrades

Detail Engineering

Complimentary to “Basic Engineering” packages, Montz also provides “Detail Engineering” services.  The following documents typically form the detail engineering:


  • PID schemes

  • Static loads of devices

  • Equipment list

  • Piping lists based on PIDs

  • Piping material lists

  • Circuit diagrams

  • Cable lists

  • Instrument lists

  • Data sheets for instrumentation

  • Electrical circuit diagrams

  • Operating instructions

References for MONTZ Component / Plant - Engineering



Chemical Industry



  • Separation columns for isocyanates (TDI, MDI, MDA)

  • Fractionating plants for scrubbing of bisphenols

  • Columns for concentration of aliphatic alcohols

  • Separation columns and components for acrylic acid production

  • Columns for oxo-alcohol distillation

  • Separation columns and components for caprolactam recovery

  • Distillation columns for ammonia conditioning

  • Columns for amine distillation


Oil and gas industry


  • Liquid / liquid extraction for methanol removal from fuel additives

  • Columns for natural gas drying

  • Atmospheric and vacuum columns for crude oil fractionation


Air separation

  • Structured Packings and distribution systems for columns for extraction of e.g.  argon from air

Fabric fibers

  • Glycol and methanol recovery from stripping water and nylon–6 shavings


Coking plants

  • Ammonia strippers and de-acidifier columns

Food industries

  • Rectifying plants for mashings

  • Separation columns for fruit juices

  • Alcohol extraction from beer and wine

  • Perfume distillation


  • Separation columns for glycerin, fatty acids and methylesters
  • Falling film evaporators for glycerin, fatty acids and methylesters

  • Dividing wall columns for fatty alcohol rectification

Exhaust air decontamination

  • Absorption columns and column components

  • Design of absorption anddistillation columns and their periphery for rolling oil recovery and preparation


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