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Wednesday, 26-09-2018

MONTZ High Performance Packing Type M/MN

The new generation of High Performance Packing

MONTZ-Pak Type M and Type MN are patented further developments of the proven MONTZ structured packings Type B1 and BSH as well as A3. 

Differently adapted and improved wave geometries result in two packing variants which, at identical surface area, increase either the throughout or the separation performance by 30 %. 

Both packing variations use a patented height-variable wave pattern, which prevents liquid accumulation at the transition zone between two packing layersThe packing types can be characterized as follows:

The M-Series:

Type M packings are particularly suited for throughput increases of up to 30 % for existing columns.  It enables a reduced pressure drop at nearly the same separation performance compared to the standard packing.  The areas of application include new column as well as existing columns.

Available packing types Type M:

Pak Type Specific surfaces
B1-250M 250 m²/m³
B1-350M 350 m²/m³
B1-500M 500 m²/m³
B1-750M 750 m²/m³

The MN-Series:

Type MN packings are characterized by an increased separation performance of up to 30 %, at an increased throughput or reduced pressure drop when compared to the standard packing.  Higher product qualities and lower overall heights are achievable.

Available packing types Type MN:

Pak Type Specific surface
B1-250MN 250 m²/m³
B1-350MN 350 m²/m³
B1-500MN 500 m²/m³

MONTZ-Pak Type M/MN are protected by international and national patents.

For new distillation columns, the MONTZ-Packings Type M and MN reduce investment costs with regard to diameter and construction height.

Reductions in column height or / and diameter are possible through the increase in separation performance and throughput. 

The advantages of both high performance packings are also achieved by retrofits of existing columns.  The overall throughput of existing facilities can be increased, product quality be improved or energy reductions can be achieved through the reduction of reflux rates.


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