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Tuesday, 25-09-2018

A quality connotation in thermal separation technology

Structured packings are characterized by high performance and a flexible application concept.  They offer high separation performances, high throughputs, extensive working ranges and low pressure drops.  Their main application fields are in distillation, desorption, absorption, direct heat exchanges and liquid / liquid extraction.

MONTZ structured packings are characterized by widely variable, geometrical dimensions and different surface structures.  This concept permits the ultimate flexibility during adjustments to the separation task at hand. 

Structured packings MONTZ-Pak Type A3, B1, BSH, C1 and the new high performance packings Type M and MN are all built up in a similar basic manner: The packing bodies are composed of rippled webs (sheets).

The disk ripples are oriented obliquely with respect to the vertical and form crossing flow channels with the neighboring disks. 
These packing structure create extensive interphases and close contact between the gas and liquid phases. 

An exact adjustment to the respective application is assured by special inserts like liquid distributors, flash installations, liquid catchers, steam distributor and support systems.  These installations are carefully designed for each packing type and separation task and are subject to continuous quality control.

System accessories:

  • Liquid distributor with highest accuracy and wide operating ranges
  • Liquid catchers with minimal pressure losses and smallest leakage rates
  • Steam distributor and Gas distributor for uniform gaseous phase distribution
  • Flash installations for feed-in of overheated feeds or gas / liquid mixes
  • Support systems with large transfer cross-sections
  • Lateral deflector systems to avoid formation of bypass flows and to level out manufacturing tolerances
  • Experienced employees with many years of service, tried and tested production processes and the use of state-of-the-art production machinery assure compliance with highest quality demands, such as oil-free and grease-free surfaces.

A precise production is pre-condition for the high performance of the MONTZ structured packings.  The packings are manufactured on computer-controlled production lines, enabling a high degree of accuracy and mechanical stability. 

The high form-fit and stability of MONTZ packings are important criteria for a cost-effective and smooth assembly of packings in existing or new columns. 

All MONTZ structured packings are manufactured in segments and can be mounted over raised manholes or shell flanges.


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