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Tuesday, 25-09-2018

MONTZ Reflux Splitter

Constant Reflux Ratio For All Operating Conditions

MONTZ-reflux splitters are an important functional element for rectifying columns.  They assure a continuous and precise adjustment of liquid backflow and bleeding.  Depending on liquid flows, different versions are available.

Standard versions:

  • PTG-1000 für 1.000 l/h
  • PTG-3000 für 3.000 l/h
  • PTG-5000 für 5.000 l/h
  • PTG-12000 für 12.000 l/h
  • PTG-15000 für 15.000 l/h
  • PTG-20000 für 20.000 l/h
  • PTG-50000 für 50.000 l/h

Special Types:

  • Product contacting parts, made from Tantalum, Zirconium, etc.
  • Housing steel / enamel
  • Housing heated

Additional dimensions upon request.

Operating Principle

Reflux splitters consist of a housing that is devided into three chambers.  The feed chamber located on top, where the liquid – depending on the position of the partial frame – is directed towards the backflow chamber or the tapping chamber.  The partial frame is moved by a magnetic coupling, to regulate the volumetric flow rates for backflow and tapping of distilled liquid.  This construction allows a pressure-sealed and vacuum-tight execution.  The external drive is realized as pneumatic torque motor. 

All product contacting parts are made from or coated with corrosion-resistant materials so that a continuously high quality is guaranteed even for long operating periods.


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