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Tuesday, 25-09-2018

MONTZ Mini Plant Columns

Safe Scale-Up

Pilot tests are an important step for process development.  MONTZ provides complete column systems for pilot plants, internals for pilot plant columns resp. complete pilot plants to  assure a safe scale-up from small to commercial plants.

In distillation technology, the construction of pilot facilities for the determination or confirmation of vapor-liquid-equilibrium data from experiments is an important intermediate step for the safe design of distillation columns. 

Depending on requirements, column systems with a diameter from 20 to 300 mm and a height from app. 3 to 10 m and more are built.  These columns are equipped with partial components such as column shell, evaporator, condensers and aftercondensers or gas coolers just as the plants are intented to be built later.  Also possible is the delivery of receiving vessels, decanters reflux dividers, and other equipments. 

MONTZ offers these components as single-source package solution in various materials, from stainless steel to glass-lined steel.  The columns in these pilot plants are equipped with specially tailored MONTZ Structures Packings or mass transfer trays, which enable a safe transfer of experimental results to commercial production through their high specific number of stages. 


MONTZ Bubble-Cap Trays DN 100

MONTZ Packing Element DN 40

As an option, special pilot distillation trays are available as internals.  These are particularly suited for contaminated or un-mixed systems as well as for reaction columns with increased retention times. 

For applications, where feeding and draw-off positions  need to be adjustable, trayed columns are the preferred choice.  For such purposes, MONTZ pilot trays and mini plant trays are available starting from column diameters of 40 mm. 

In your presence, the installed internals can also be subjected to a functional test with air / water prior to delivery.


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