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Tuesday, 16-10-2018

Leading position because of patented developments

MONTZ mass transfer trays are an integral part of thermal separation technology in chemistry and related industries.  Many years of experience and development work led to patented tray constructions, which made MONTZ to one of the leading tray manufacturers.  Apart from our comprehensive product portfolio, MONTZ proves its efficiency also through special constructions, which are tailored to customer demands.

Special Constructions

A MONTZ specialty are special constructions, exactly tailored to specific separation tasks. 
These include primarily:

  • Retention time trays with large liquid capacity
  • Trays with extremely low entrainment
  • Trays with cooling and heating coils

All MONTZ trays are subjected to strict quality tests.  Investigating and optimizing the exact function is of critical importance, particularly for special constructions. 

This allows MONTZ to guarantee highest quality and performance for the classic tray program as well as for special developments.

MONTZ-Edge Sealings

MONTZ edge sealings are used for single-piece trays which are installed through shell flanges.  The edge sealings prevent the sprinkling of liquid between tray edge and column wall.

Fan Band Edge Sealings

Helical Spring Edge Sealings


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