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Tuesday, 25-09-2018

MONTZ Pipe Distributors consist of a centrally located main pipe and branching side pipes.  Liquid feeding takes place through a main pipe.  The distributor is held by mechanical fastenings located inside the column and aligned.  MONTZ offers two versions: Type ”RO“ distributor is equipped with  bore holes at its bottom side, whereas nozzles for the distribution of the liquid are mounted to the underside of Type ”ROD“.  Each side pipe is individually and exactly adjustable.  This design feature as well as the individual customer-specific design enables a very high quality of distribution for Type “RO“.  Type ”ROD“ distributors with its nozzles often serve for liquid distribution above heat exchangers and scrubbing beds. 

Pipe Distributor Type RO

  • Liquid leaves through bore holes at its bottom side

  • Operating range ca. 1:3 (wider operating ranges upon request)

  • Number of drip locations: app. 60 to 100 pro m²

  • Throughput quantities:  app. 1 to 250 m³ / (m²h)

Pipe Distributor Type ROD

  • Design similar to Type RO, but with the use of nozzles instead of bore holes for the distribution of liquid

  • Operating range app.  1:3 (wider operating ranges upon request)


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