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Wednesday, 26-09-2018

MONTZ Channel Type Distributor Type S

Solutions for extremely small sprinkling densities

The patented liquid distributor Type S is suited for extremely small sprinkling densities.  The special design enables high drip point densities, to achieve a complete wetting of the packing surfaces even at smallest liquid quantities.

The basic design of the MONTZ-Channel Duct Distributor Type S corresponds to the proven MONTZ modular system.  Drain pipes are further equipped with draining spouts.  This allows the liquid streams flowing through distribution pipes to be further split into several smaller single streams.  Even for smaller liquid quantities, drip point densities of >100/m² can be achieved through this design principle

Type S:

  • Liquid distributor for smallest volumetric flows.  (So far, the smallest quantities were app. 20 l/(m² h)).
  • Liquid drain through drain pipe such as TYPE R.
  • At its bottom end of each drain pipe, a drain spout with lateral slits and seven or more drip fingers split the liquid streams of every drain pipe into separate partial streams.


  • Operating ranges:
    • Single-stage: app. 1:2.5
    • Double-stage: app. 1:10
    • (larger operating ranges upon request)
  • Number of drip locations:
    • 60 to >200 per m² (depending on liquid quantity)
  • Throughput quantities:
    • 0.3 up to more than 20 m³/(m² h)
  • Insensitive to sedimenting contaminants

Solutions for most difficult applications

Due to the high demands structured packings pose for the liquid distribution, MONTZ has developed highest reputation of being a specialist in this area.  Special constructions, tailored to even extreme requirements, are the norm for us.

Special applications

  • Corrosion-resistant materials such as Tantalum, Zirconium and Titan are standard

  • Liquid Distributor Type S for feeding bundled tube reactors filled with catalytic converters

  • Distribution of liquids with high viscosity of e.g. 1,300 mPas

Use in a dividing wall columns


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