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Wednesday, 26-09-2018

MONTZ Liquid Distributors

MONTZ-Know-How for highest separation performance

Liquid distributors are the most important construction element for separation columns with structured packings.  The high separation efficiency of structured packings is only achieved with liquid distributors providing very precise liquid distribution accuracy. Over the years, Julius MONTZ has build up extensive knowledge required for the construction of effective liquid distributors. 

Every distributor consists of a centrallylocated main channel from which lateral channels are branching off.  Main channel and lateral channels form a communicating system to prevent liquid level gradients in the distributor. 

The individual channels are each attached to a support ring and are individually and independently adjustable (i.e., the distributor is not positioned on the packing bed).  Liquid feeding is realized through a pre-distribution system to the main channel of the distribution tray.  All baffles can be mounted through manholes or shell flanges.


    Distribution accuracy:

    Deviations between individual drains ≤ 3 to 5%

    Drip location density:

    70 up to more than 250 per m² (depending on case of application and liquid load)

    Liquid loads:

    Depending on distributor version < 0.1 to > 250 m³/(m² h) (Applications for 20 liters/(m² h) were successfully conducted in, e.g., glycerin distillations.)


    Standard load range 1:2.5

    (More extended operating ranges – e.g. 1:10 and more – are possible with multi-stage distributors)


    Distributor for diameter 70 mm to 12 m and more

      Quality assurance

      Every liquid distributor manufactured by MONTZ is subjected to a quality test with water on our test stands. 

      The following values are tested,measured and evaluated:

      • Operating range
      • Manufacturing quality
      • Closeness
      • Distribution accuracy


      The distribution accuracy is determined from the flows of single drop locations.

      • Throughput and operating range
      • A test protocol is generated for every distributor
      • Upon request, tests are carried out jointly with customers

      MONTZ has test stands with diameters ranging from two meters to nine meters in a separate test facility. 
      Distributors  >9m  diameter are inspected in an outdoors test stand, if necessary.  The test stands have access to pumps of up to 2.500 m³/h liquid pumping capacity.  The test setup takes place with the support and leveling elements used in columns.


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