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Wednesday, 26-09-2018

MONTZ Flash-Boxes

System accessories for MONTZ-Structure Packings

Flash-Boxes are used at a column feed location for overheated feed.  In this case, flashing vapor is formed at the feeding location, which would impede the liquid distributor’s function without flash boxes.

Type IN:

  • The Flash-Box Type IN is designed for moderate flash vapor quantities from overheated feeds.  This Flash-Box is installed inside the column at the feeding location.
  • The Flash-Box Type IN is suited for columns  up to app.  900 mm diameter

Type A:

  • Flash-Box Type A is intended for larger flash vapor rates.
  • It is mounted externally of the column in the vicinity of the feed-in location:
    • The overheated feed enters the box through a connection pipe and is depressurized to column pressure inside the box.  The flash vapor formed flows through a mist collector located on top of the flash box and is directed to the column through a tube conduit.  The remaining liquid drains from the box bottom to the feeding connection of the column.


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