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MONTZ Testcenter

Precise measuring for quality assurance

Most exact measurements for quality assurance

Assurance of highest quality and product program performance is an important company guideline for MONTZ.  Therefore, MONTZ is running two highly modern and flexibly applicable test facilities:

The Liquid distribution test facility and the Air / Water test facility

Here, all products are tested and inspected carefully jointly with the customer.

Air / Water-Test Facility

The MONTZ-Air / Water testing facility is used for fluid dynamic investigations of column internals for specific tasks specified by our customers.

  • Testing columns of 100 to 3,000 mm diameter are available
  • Determination of upper and lower limit loads of mass transfer trays, structured packings and separation baffles
  • Determination of all important data using precise measurement devices: flow rates, pressure drops, entrainment resp. weaping separation efficiencies etc.
Air/Water-Test Plant

Liquid Distributors- Test Facility

Every liquid distributor supplied by MONTZ has to pass quality tests with water on the company-owned test facility, and for every distributor a test protocol is generated.
This assures the MONTZ-characteristic best quality standards. 
We can satisfy nearly every demand:

  • Test stands with 9,000 mm and 2,000 mm diameter
  • Test setup with the supporting and levelling components which are also used in the columns
  • Throughputs of more than 2,500 m³/h
  • Measurements of distribution quality and loading ranges
  • Verification of production quality and accuracy
Liquid Distributor Test Plant


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